This is a very small Ultramarines army led by Marneus Calgar.

I know how to beat marines but I don't really know how to use them, basically I've just made a list on what I find looks cool. Scouts look very sci-fi so I wanted some different squads of them and I have my mind set on 2 landraiders.

Anyway I could make this list more useable? maybe change around the scout units, try and get a unit of 10 or drop the rhino?

Marneus Calgar
5 Terminators (Assault Squad) w/ 3 Lighting Claws, 2 Thunder hammers
Tactical squad:
Veteran Sergeant w/powerfist and 9 Marines w/ Lascannon and Plasma gun
Transport: Rhino w/ smoke launchers
3 Space Marine Scouts Squads:
Sergeant and 4 Scouts w/ 1 heavy bolter
Sergeant and 4 Scouts w/ 4 sniper rifles and 1 rocket launcer
Sergeant and 4 Scouts w/ bolters and 1 heavy bolter
Land raider w/ extra armour and smoke launchers
Land raider Crusader w/ smoke launchers