I was thinking about starting a Sisters force in a few months. Here was my starting list: Every sisters unit has a veteran superior sister for a total of 6 faith points

Heavy Support
143 Exorcist smoke, extra armor kill elite infantry or vehicles
143 Exorcist smoke, extra armor
184 10x Retributor Squad, VetS 4x heavy bolter these guys will hopefully get divine guidance off a couple of times with lots of easy to wound shots
124 10x SoB, VetS
124 10x SoB, VetS
225 IG Platoon
- Lascannon - Lascannon - Missile Launcher (HQ) kill elite infantry and vehicles and count as scoring unitsElites
35 Inquisitor Bolter-Plasma gun hang out with one of the sisters squads
95 Eversor Assassin assault things that get trapped on my sisters when I get the martyr faith off.
130 Cannoness Jumppack, Blessed Weapon, Cloak of St. Aspira Inferno Pistol
400 Grand Master Psycannon + 5 GKTerminators hand to hand experts
Fast Attack
247 9x Seraphim Flamerx2, VetS (Plasma Pistol, PW) wasn't sure if I should stick a brazier on her or an evisorator instead.

At some point I was wondering if a dominion squad in an immolator would be worth it. I was thinking with meltaguns. They could run out, use their melta guns, and have the Vet sister use a plasma pistol, take the assault if anyone is left and hold on til the eversor came to the rescue. I worry about not having enough vehicles to pull it off though.