I tried a more realistic attempt, with less scouts and more anti-tank. I seem to have a real problem with numbers, do I have too little? i'm used to having this kind of number with eldar but without any tanks! I thought the new editions calls for tanks, something which I would like to start using and is new to me, should be interesting, nothing more sci-fi than a blue tank.

The idea is that it is a balanced list and has some firepower, can transport up 2 units around and has some close combat strength.

Calgar and the honour guard would go in the landraider, I was unsure wether to choose a crusader or not but I thought a normal landraider would be more tactically balanced. The veterans are close combat support for calgar and the honour guard. It should be nice to paint some white helmets for the veterans!

HQ: Marneus Calgar
COMMAND SQUAD: Honour guard: Ancient, Champion and 2 Honour Guard 400
ELITES: 10 Veterans w/ bolter pistols and close combat weapons. Including Veteran Sergeant w/ powerfist
TRANSPORT : RHINO w/extra armour, smoke launchers 268
TROOPS: 10 Tactical Marines w/ lascannon and plasma gun inc Veteran Sergeant w/ powerfist 205
TROOPS: 9 Scouts w/ bolters, frag grenades and 1 heavy bolter 131
HEAVY SUPPORT: Predator Annihilator w/ lascannons, extra armour, smoke launcher 153
HEAVY SUPPORT Landraider w/ extra armour and smoke launchers