Alright, this list is one made for the strict purpose of getting myself to create a competitive army instead of buying random models and so i can face off some of the hardcore gamers at the local hobby store.

- Chaplain- powerfist

- 4 death company
- rhino w/ extra armor

- 5 veteran assault marines

- 10 tactical marines- powerfist, flamer, heavy bolter, rhino w/ extra armor
- 10 tactical marines- powerfist, melta, missile launcher, rhino w/ extra armor
- 10 tactical marines- plasmagun, plasma cannon, rhino w/ extra armor

Fast Attack:
- 2 X attack bikes w/ multimeltas (2 squads)

Heavy support:
- predator- lascannon sponsons, TL lascannon
- whirlwind

mostly rhino rushing with attack bikes up the side and 2 tanks providing cover fire.