Ok, so my gaming group has been having a little competition of sorts. We have for guys and we've been playing 2 on 2 "Beach Head" missions in which we use the short table edges as deployment zones, splitting the board up lengthways into 2 foot sections. The defender can deploy up to 6" onto the short board edge in which there are size 3 building ruins for 2 feet onto the board. Then it goes down to size 2 ruins and craters, razor wire, and tank traps for the middle 2 feet. The last 2 feet is actually water and is basically the attacker's deployment zone, in which he uses escalation rules to bring hsi force on using "boats." These boats come on when their reserve rolls succeed and immediately move forward 12". In the next turn they can move the remaining 12" to the beach and disgorge their troops. The boats are considered to have 14 armor all the way around so they are well protected but can still come under fire from the defender while on the water.

Now here's the catch. The defending players each have 1k of whatever force they choose. This time I will be playing SWs as listed below and my ally will be fielding a BT force. The attackers each get 2k points; we'll be facing emperor's children and tyranids. So its 2k points worth of Imperial forces already semi-dug in vs. a total of 4k xenos and chaos scum. The point is that my ally and I as a team compete to see hwo many turns we can last before the last man dies in the onslaught. Then we switch sides (not necessarily the same day, lol) and play with the Emperor's Children and Tyranids defending, etc etc. The last clincher is that when defenders get killed, they stay dead, but any attacker unit that is destroyed goes back into reserve as in the sustained attack scenario. There is no game turn limit as that is the goal, to see how long you can last as compared to when its your opponents' turn.

So the 1k Space Wolf list below is simply built for durability. It'll basically be a gun line, which is fine by me considering the mission, but I wanted people to comment if they would or had advice on how I could put together an even more defensible force. Thanks for the advice!

Venerable Dreadnought - PC, ML, EA - 180 (The PC is really the only thing that I already know of that could possibly be better, but I haven't used it much and I have a beautiful FW resin model for it, so it stays for this one.)
WGBL - Frost Blade, BP - 81

6x Grey Hunters - PG, 5x Bolter/CCW, PF - 134
6x Grey Hunters - PG, 5x Bolter/CCW, PF - 134

4x Long Fangs w/ Pack Leader - 4 MLs - 188

Leman Russ Exterminator - Hull Mount HB, HB Side-Sponsons - 195 (couldn't fit in the EA, but its going to be a pillbox anyway)

Whirlwind - 85 (probably use the mines to make bottle necks and make them waste even more time coming on. That way it can start laying things down turn one instead of waiting for the enemy to land on the beach.)

Y'he Sha'is:
Well, I'm the BT player, so I thought that I would post my list as well, just to give you guys the full 2000 pts of defense against the 4000+ pts of attacking Slaanesh chaos and MC tyranids.

The basic overall idea of this particular BT list is to have a core of elite shooting (Las/plas), that is defended by units of Furious Charging assaulters/counter-assaulters. I usually run 80+ marines in a regular 2000 pt game that are CC oriented, but given the mission, I wanted to try something different.

I took the sword brethren and gave them FC because they can take on just about anything, and come out on top (nullifying the initiative damage from the vow). I'm debating dropping the counter chargers to regular initiates, to save some points, but I'm not sure.

Marshal - 155
Power Weapon, Terminator Honors, Combi-Melta, Holy Orb of Antioch, Iron Halo
Sadly, for BBW and I, we can't use proxies in these games... and I realized that in my 10000+ pts of BTs, I don't have a regular marshal floating around. This is the closest I can come.

Emperor's Champion - 125
Suffer Not the Unclean to Live (+1S, -1I)

Sword Brethren - 182
8 Brethren w/Furious Charge, Power Fist, Power Weapon

Sword Brethren - 182
8 Brethren w/Furious Charge, Power Fist, Power Weapon

Crusader Squad -117
6 Initiaters w/4 Bolters, 1 Lascannon & 1 Plasma Gun

Crusader Squad - 117
6 Initiaters w/4 Bolters, 1 Lascannon & 1 Plasma Gun

Crusader Squad - 122
6 Initiaters w/4 Bolters, 1 Plasma Cannon & 1 Plasma Gun

TOTAL: 1000

Any and all comments/criticism is welcomed on either list.