DH+WH list, need advice on WH (1000pt)(tournament)(5thed.) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    DH+WH list, need advice on WH (1000pt)(tournament)(5thed.)

    Here's my list for a 1000pt. "so long 4th ed." tourney that will change on the second game to
    5th edition rules. I have a rough idea of the key rules for 5th ed through the in-store copy at my FLGS, I need advice on how to successfully use these Sisters. Note that the Sisters are allies and so they use the Allies force org limitations.

    Brother Captain: Psycannon, targeter

    Inquisitor A: Psycannon, Targeter, Sage
    Inquisitor B: Psycannon, Targeter, Sage

    DH troops
    -PAGK A: 7 models, Justicar w/ targeter and frags
    -PAGK B: 7 models, Justicar w/ targeter and frags

    SoB troops
    -Sisters of Battle A: 10 models, meltagun, flamer, Veteran Superior w/ targeter, Rhino w/ smoke and extra armor
    -Sisters of Battle B: 10 models, meltagun, flamer, Veteran Superior w/ targeter, Rhino w/ smoke and extra armor

    Could anyone give me some advice on the viability of this army, or recommend changes to particularly the Witch Hunter component? I'm pretty confident on how my Daemonhunters work, but using the Sisters right is going to be pretty important. Their primary role here should be anti-tank, high mobility. The transports are necessary for 5th edition--regardless of what happens, there must be at least one available for my Knights in 5th ed.

    I invite any and all comments god or ill.

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    I have never ran sisters with so few faith points, maybe try to get a flying canoness with an eviscerator to hunt tanks AND give faith points. 4 faith in 1000pts army isnt too bad. PAGK are nice and can hold their own in melee.

    I really dont get targeters, just dont understand how useful can they get, just learn to have good distance judgment.

    Good luck.

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