I might have posted this once before, but the concept is to use as much of the apocalypse battle company as possible in a game.

Open to comments.

thanks in advance.


2000 Pts - Space Marines Roster – 100 models

HQ: Captain (10#, 277 Pts)
Bolt Pistol
Power Weapon
Artificer Armor
Iron Halo
Terminator Honors

Command Squad x8
Bolt Pistol & CCW (x7)
Flamer (x1)
Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol & CCW

Troops: Tactical Squad (10#, 191 Pts) (six of these)
Tactical Squad
Bolter (x7)
Flamer (x1)
Missile Launcher (x1)
Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol (x1); Power Weapon (x1); Terminator Honors

Fast Attack: Assault Squad (10#, 192 Pts) (three of these)
Assault Squad
Remove Jump Packs
Frag Grenades
Bolt Pistol (x7)
Close Combat Weapon (x7)
Flamer (x2)
Sergeant w/ Melta Bombs; Frag Grenades (squad); Bolt Pistol (x1); Power Weapon (x1); Terminator Honors

Total Cost: 1999