500 Marines vs Necrons/Chaos - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    500 and 1000 points lists


    Master 115 pts
    Iron halo, Power weapon


    Dreadnought 105 pts
    Assault cannon + Dreadnought close combat weapon


    Squad 1, 105 pts
    Flamer, Terminator honours + Power weapon

    Squad 2, 90 pts
    Heavy bolter, Plasma gun

    Squad 3, 85 pts
    Missile launcher

    Master is there to provide the whole army a leadership of 10. Because of the small unit sizes, they'll be taking some serious morale checks. Squad 1 Advances for the first Table quarter, from cover to cover (Maybe attach Master here?), while Squad 2 and the Dred provide covering fire. Squad 3 in the other hand, shoots all the possible tanks until they're all destroyed, and starts to slog at the second table quarter (I always pick Take and Hold when possible). My main concern is how will I be able to beat Necrons.

    On to the 1000 points:


    Master 130
    Iron halo, Power weapon, Plasma pistol


    Dreadnought 135
    Twin-linked lascannon, Missile launcher


    Squad 1, 200 pts
    Missile launcher, Plasma gun, Terminator honours + Power fist

    Squad 2, 200 pts
    Missile launcher, Plasma gun, Terminator honours + Power fist

    Squad 3, 200 pts
    Missile launcher, Plasma gun, Terminator honours + Power fist

    Heavy support:

    Vindicator 130
    Extra armour

    This list is build upon a very (very) solid block of marines. It should have enough anti-tank weaponry (Lascannon, 4 Missile launchers, possibly the Demolisher cannon), Plasma and Demolisher against Marines and such, 21 bolters and Demolisher plus frag missiles for horde armies and 3 Power fists to fight back with

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