HQ: cannoness: ip, bw, jumppack, litanies, mantle 170

elites: celestians: vet sis sup 2melta, imagifer, frags 9 sisters total
Rhino smoke ex armour, pintle mounted, blessed ammo, dozer blade 283pts

troops: 2squads in rhinos with hvy flamer and flamer w/vet sis sup w/ plasma pistol& ccw 215pts ea

fast attack: 6 seraphim w/vet sis sup evisarator, 2 ips 203pts

6seraphim w/ vet sis sup power weapon, 2 flamers 172pts

heavy support: 2 exorcist with dozer and ex armour

retributor squad in immo w/ 3hvybolters

what you guys think?