I recently fell into the poccession of 3 stormtrooper squads and thought it would be really cool to create some sort of Droptroop army. It would be small for objective games or a tourney. Ive always enjoyed the idea of some glorified bad a**s coming out of the sky raining hell from either vulture transports or like individual drop pods like in halo 2.

Anyways heres what i have in mind at the moment

Doctrines: Independent Commissars, Preists, Stromtrooper Squads, Grenadiers, Ratling

Heroic Officer-Powerweapon
4x Veteran Guardsmen(id represent them with stormtroopers just to keep in theme)
1x plasma gun 1xMelta
Commissar bolt Pistol, Powerweapon
Preist- bolt pistol

Ratlings x 5 (Again repalce the models with ST's but use the same rules or possibly some basic guardsmen instead)
Commissar Bolt Pistol, Powerweapon

Platoon 1
Squad Alpha
stg.plasma pistol power weapon, 1x Plasma gun 1x Grenade launcher, vox
Squad Bravo
stg.plasma pistol power weapon, 1x plasma gun 1x Flamer, vox
Squad Charlie
stg.plasma pistol power weapon, 1x Melta 1x Grenade launcher, vox

Fast Attack
Sentinel Squadron A
2x lascannon
1x autocannon

Sentinel Squadron B
2x lascannon
1x autocannon

By the time you add it all up its about 900pts.

I kno this army has no heavy support as it relies onthe sentinels and the ST squads to be able to fend for themselves.

This army list is only in consideration but any advice is welcome

oh and yes i kno i broke a doctrine rule by having ST's deep strike but w.e i wasnt planning on making it 100% legal where the fun in that lol

My brothers!, he watches us all, FOR THE EMPEROR!!