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    [1500] Black Templars - Double LRC List

    I've been looking for a fun way to fit 2 LRCs into a 1500 point list. Here's what I've come up with

    1 Marshal: 2 Lightning Claws, Terminator Honors
    1 Emperor's Champion: Accept any Challenge

    Squad 1
    8 Crusaders: Meltagun, Powerfist
    4 Neophytes
    Land Raider Crusader: Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers

    Squad 2
    8 Crusaders: Meltagun, Powerfist
    4 Neophytes
    Land Raider Crusader: Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers

    Squad 3
    5 Crusaders: Plasmagun, Missile Launcher

    Heavy Support
    Vindicator: Extra Armor

    Total: 1499

    I feel like this would be a fun list to play. The marshal and EC would each rider in one of the LRCs, adding some much needed punch to both squads now that the powerfist gets 2 attacks on the charge...

    My intended strategy is to rush forward with both LRCs, pop smoke for the 4+ cover save and wait for a second turn assault.

    The meltaguns are in the squads to pop off a shot at any nearby vehicles but I've been considering changing them to flamers to better suit the assault role but i'm afraid of not having enough anti-tank. Granted, I still have both multimeltas on the LRCs.

    The 3rd Crusader squad is intended as fire support and capturing and holding any out of the way objectives.

    The vindicator was included to be a fire magnet you couldn't ignore. I will be rushing it forward with both crusaders on turn 1 as a high priority threat that will make an opponent sweat. If they shoot the vindi, my crusaders will unload 15-30 marines into your lines. If you shoot the LRCs, my vindi will drop a pie plate on you. Armor 13 and 14 will ensure at least one of the three performs as it should.

    Let me know what you guys think of the list and my intended strategies.

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    Looks like a fun list to use, I think I might borrow it next time i play a game. Might as well through frags on the marshall.
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