Hi, i play IG and Orks for 40k and i was thinking of making a WH just cause it would be really easy to add onto my IG to make one and i just think assasins just smash face I have no idea how many points this would be so if anyone could give an estimate of how many pts this would be or some opions to help me on what to buy it would be greatly appreciated. Oh yeah... and i wanted to make a non-sisters of battle army.

Heres what i was thinking...

6 squads of stormtroopers 3 with 2 meltas each 3 with 2 plasmas each. The number in each squad depends on the pt cost.

4-6 death-cult assasins and 1 Callidus assasin

1-2 exorcists

1 inquisitor lord with an shooty heavy retinue mounted in a chimera (optional)

Opinions wanted!!!!!