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    I need a list to destroy this list...

    As the titles says, I'm in need of an army list that will take down my friends BA army.

    Typically, he fields:

    Dante, attached to a Vet squad with apoc + standard
    mephiston, attached to assault termie squad
    a second termie squad
    four squads of assault marines, vet serge with PP/PW on each
    furioso dreadnought
    devistator squad with 4missile launchers

    i play a diy chapter which in fourth ed. rules takes cleanse and purify, and take the fight to them with eye to eye and we stand alone traits.

    money is no object but i dont want a list as cheesy as his.

    any help would be appreciated.

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    Im a blood angel play, realy shoudnt be helpin u lol but still,
    This is gunna be a long list,
    To take out memphiston u need a coupla physkers to negate his powers (he is str 5 and T=5) use plenty of long range stuff to mow down the assaults,
    To take care of dante use las cannons, plasmas and general stuff with that kills him dead, wot ever you do stay out of close combat range of him unless u have assault termies or several dreads lol.

    Tanks... use plenty of armour to blow him up at range,

    Devistators: shoot them up, carve em up just kill em in any way,

    Termies: Use plenty of low AP stuff, and weapons that have lots of hits

    Furiso: use lascannons pretty simple lol

    Id recommend this list:
    Predator annaliator
    Tac squads x2
    termie squad x1 with a librarian in t armour
    (make up a unit in ur chapter like an elite squad)
    I have a death watch squad (custum made) they can rip the monkeys outta anythin tanks,dreads,assaults yada yada,

    Hope this helped

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