Iron Snakes 1500 point list.

HQ: Master of Sanctity Cyclion, powerfist, terminator honours, bionics, plasma pistol. 155 points.

Elites: Venerable Autochulus, Venerable, heavy flamer, extra armour, smoke launchers. Furious Charge. 153 points.

Troops: Notable Damocles, Veteran Sergeant with terminator honours and lightning claw, 8 marines with bolters, 1 plasma bearer. All have frag grenades. 200 points

Notable Parthus, Veteran Sergeant with terminator honours and powerfist, 8 marines with bolters, 1 meltagunner. All have frag grenades. 200 points

Petitioner Squad Xander, Sergeant with bolter, 5 scouts with bolters, 1 heavy bolter. 86 points.

Fast Attack: Icarus Squadron, Land Speeder Tornado squadron with 2 assault cannons/Heavy bolters, 1 Multi-Melta/Heavy Flamer. 205 points.

Assault Squad Vei, Veteran Sergeant with terminator honours and power weapon, 5 marines with bolt pistol and close combat weapon, 2 marines with plasma pistols. 211 points.

Heavy Support: Daedelus, Predator Annihilator with lascannon sponsons, extra armour, smoke launchers. 153 points.

Total points: 1498.

Suffer not the alien to live (preferred enemy Eldar/Dark Eldar)
36 points.

Trust your battle-brothers: Counter-Attack and true grit on Damocles, Parthus and Vei. 84 points.

Eye to Eye, land speeders, bikes and attack bikes are 0-1 choice.

Death Before Dishonour, at the end of game opponent may request an extra turn be played, on a roll of 4+ on one D6 an extra turn is played. Games that end when a particular objective is achieved are unaffected if the action is performed (eg sabotage) but can be affected by allowing an extra turn for the action to be performed.

Here it is, any advice would be nice here.