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    [5th ED] Dark Angels - 1750points

    So Ive been painting and putting together and somewhat overthinking my choice to try Dark Angels given the rumors spinning around the new SM codex.
    Anyways, I figure I will just forge on ahead since a the actual rules did not play a huge role in my choice to begin with and have been playing with some army lists:
    1750 points in mind:

    -Ass Termies, Standard, Apoc, Flamer
    -Termies, Ass Cannon
    -10m Tac Squad, Plasmagun, Rhino, Sgt w/PF
    -10m Tac Squad, Flamer, Missile Launcher, Sgt w/PF, Las Razorback
    -5m Tac Squad, Plasmagun, Sgt w/PF, HBolter Razorback
    -5m Dev Squad, 2x PlasmaCannon, 2x HBolter
    -Whirlwind, Castellan Missiles
    -Dreadnought asscannon, flamer /OR/ -Predator with Las/Hbolters

    For awhile I was thinking of having an assualt squad in there instead of the tac squad with the lazorback, but I couldnt figure out how to mount any lascannon on them.

    Can easily be dropped to 1500, or bumped to 2k.

    Comments? Thoughts on it in the realm of the 5th edition? Who thinks elite units that can capture objectives is going got make DA players happy campers? Is that better than a big blue walking tank with oversized fists? Better than a buncha twin linked flamers? Fleet feet say what?

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    Seems really good, as you have a full 6 troop choices, should be able to hold objectives easily.
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    Take the dread. walkers are obscene nowdays. (Make it venerable, and give it extra armour)
    It's a fairly hefty list, and will definately work in it's own way but I feel you've taken too much bling in there:

    *The Deathwing Apoth (worth weight in gold) wants to be with a ass cannon - if locked in melee he stops working. (Standard = melee, along with the character & H Flamer.)

    *The Lascannon upgrades on the razorbacks are shockingly expensive. They're my main gripe.

    *and the Tac squads should trade in their plasma guns for flamers (IMO)

    *That Dev squad is going to be kicked about no end, and is very expensive. Maybe if you scrape the saved points together you can buy the 5x additional men (adding longevity and splitting your targets, possibly trading a heavy bolter for a ML so you have anti tank, the templates are ideal for anti-infantry and i'm considering mothballing my HB's)

    I'm finding that hoard armys are more competitive for DA's, (I'm playing a 1250 point game next tuesday and i'm going to go overboard and field 50x equipped Tac marines, a commander and... A whirlwind maybe? to be decided.) Just removing that many marines is uncomfortable for a opponent. Transports are beautiful to behold, and very resilient (but in the hoarde experiment i'm just gonna run, and show no armour face to the enemy to use his anti-tank on) - They also give off kill points easily too, which is frustrating. (I kill maugan ra, a falcon, fire dragon squad, 2x ranger squads and lose as i lost a dread, 2x squads and 3x transports. Poot.)

    Anti-tank nowdays seems to be alot harder, and I'm having no joy with Lascannons whatsoever - Meltas are AP1, so add +1 to the damage roll, and Power fists result in multiple penetrating rolls - they're your best bet. Or charging dreadnaughts.

    P.S. Don't get a 5x man assault squad, If you're doing that get a command squad. They're fearless and can get multiple power weapons (I'm happy with 2x power swords.
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