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    1750 point Imperial fists list

    HQ 1 Captain Lysander
    Retinue 9 Terminators Chainfist, Furious charge
    HQ 1 Reclusiarch Terminator armor, chainfist
    Retinue 9 Terminators Chainfist, Furious charge

    Troops 5 Scouts Vet, TP homer, heavy bolter
    Troops 5 Scouts Vet, TP homer
    Elites 5 Terminators 1x Assault Cannon
    Elites 5 Terminators 1x Hvy flamer

    Operational plan is to infiltrate the scouts and drop the terminators en masse around the tp homers. Thoughts and comments welcome.

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    ive played against this same type of army numerous times and its a real cool concept. the real problem with this list though, is you have only 2 troop choices and there fragile too. with your temies waiting in deepstrike, your scout are going to be lit up by every weapon on the board that can reach them. this makes them less then likely to survive to use the homers. and if there are objectives in the game, you wont be capturing any of them with just 2x 5 man scout squads.
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