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    500 pt Beginner Imperial Guard Army

    Hello, I am new here are the boards, and I am looking for advice on my starter Imperial Guard Army. This is my first 40k army, and I was attracted to the look of the guard as they are the closed thing to a current day military force.

    I would like to play a balanced Imperial Guard list, with about a 50% split between infantry and vehicles. I intend to focus on shooting, but preferably without forming a giant gun line. Instead, I would like to setup a fire base, and flank with my more mobile forces. I like the imagery of my troopers fighting competently, however I do not like the idea of removing them with a broom, or of troopers standing around in the open firing their lasguns.

    My main opponent will be playing nids, but I am unsure whether he plans to play a nidzilla list, or the moving carpet swarm. My best guess is that it will be a balance. I do know he will bend towards running a melee centric nid list.

    However, I do not want to build my list around taking down nids, as that would not be fair to my friend, and more then likely stop this new hobby all together. However, I would still like to be competent against them.

    My main strategy is to setup a firebase in cover with the command squads and Alpha Platoon. I will try to keep them close enough to benefit from my HQ’s enhanced leadership, and use the platoon’s command squad as a speed bump/counter charge unit.
    The sentinel will attempt to take pot shots at any hard enemy units/monstrous creatures from the flanks, while the chimera will move up and attempt to use the squad’s flamer on the advancing nid swarms. Hopefully this will give my fire base more time to pound away at the incoming nid swarms.

    Points of Concern:
    • HQ Officer - I realize it’s a little cheesy to take the JO with the Honorific, but it feels fluffy to be the aspiring young officer only leading 500 pts. As the army grows, he’ll get retired/turned into a real SHO.
    • Chimera Secondary Weapon – I am still not sold on the whether to mount a heavy flamer or a heavy bolter for the secondary weapon system. I like the idea of the HB if the chimera is stuck shooting. However, it would be nice to have the backup flamer when the squad goes in to clear out enemies in cover.
    • Armor Fist Squad Role/Specialization Weapon - I am still not sold on whether to mount a heavy flamer on my ASF squad. It seems that while flamers would be good against nids, and fluffy to boot, getting that close to the bugs seems like a death trip. I could leave this duty to the chimera, and maybe mount a different weapon configuration to setup a minor firebase on the flanks.

    Thanks for your input!

    Beginner Imperial Guard List

    500 pts.

    Doctrines: Iron Discipline

    HQ: Junior Officer
    Honorific Imperialis
    Close Combat Weapon
    Iron Discipline
    1 Vet with Comp Stand with Lasgun
    3 Troopers with Lasguns

    1st Platoon

    Command: Junior Officer
    Las Pistol
    Close Combat Weapon
    4 Troopers with Close Combat Weapons

    Alpha Squad – Suppression Support
    Sergeant with Lasgun
    6 Troopers with Lasguns
    Specialist with Grenade Launcher
    Heavy Weapon Team: Heavy Bolter

    Beta Squad – Suppression/Anti Light Armor
    Sergeant with Lasgun
    6 Troopers with Lasguns
    Specialist with Plasma Rifle
    Heavy Weapon Team: Missle Launcher

    Charlie Squad – Armored Fist Squad – Mobile Support
    Vet. Sergeant with Lasgun
    8 Troopers with Lasguns
    Specialist with Flamer

    Heavy Bolter
    Smoke Launchers

    Fast Attack – Sentinel Support
    1 Sentinel

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    What have you bought so far? Because I found a decent list that's very cheap, to play it you need 2 boxes of guardsmen, 1 special weapon blister, 1 heavy weapon team, a 5-man minibox, and an officer model.

    Your army is quite solid(if you can find points I always put a stubber on chimeras), but it can be expensive buying vehicles when you're just starting. Also, you should go ahead and get close order drill if you're using doctrines, it's free.

    I only take flamers in two cases: Conscripts to make up for their low BS, and remnant squads to be a buffer. I prefer grenade launchers in almost every case to flamers.

    Here's the list I made for 500pts to be as cheap as possible. Alltogether it cost me $110 (or rather would've if I didn't buy several from ebay), while yours would cost around $150 (assuming GW prices).

    Iron discipline, close order drill, allow conscripts

    HSO with plasma pistol, power sword, iron discipline
    Mortar, grenade launcher, standard bearer with bionics (he's got SM arms, so they're bionic limbs.)

    JO with bolt pistol, power sword, iron discipline (just sub in a sgt. model until you get an officer from a russ or something)
    lascannon, 2 grenade launchers

    Guard squad, missile launcher, plasmagun
    Guard squad, autocannon, plasmagun (sub in the meltagun from the special weapon blister for it. Or alternately just run it as a meltagun.)

    Conscript platoon, 20 conscripts. 1 heavy bolter, 2 flamers.

    It uses all 5 heavy weapons from a heavy weapon team (heavy bolter is on a base propped up by sandbags with the heavy weapon crew, autocannon is on a tripod, missile launcher is on a guardsman, mortar is on its bipod, lascannon I glued to the little 4-legged plastic thing that holds together 4 bases, uses the power pack as a stabilizer), and tries to generally be as efficient as it can. Yours is a perfectly good list, I'm just throwing this out there if you want to save buying and putting together vehicles for later. If you are going to use vet sgts, I hear a good option is giving him a storm bolter. You can get the points by making the lascannon into an autocannon, you really won't need one at 500 points. Even if you did need one, 1 lascannon wouldn't be enough to take out what they're throwing at you. Autocannons and multilasers are plenty against transports. There's only going to be a handful of vehicles you'd need a lascannon for. Monolith, land raider, preadator, vindicator, and leman russes. Your missile launcher can take out the predator and vindicator eventually. The pred is a lascannon carrier anyway so won't really hurt you, and the vindicator has to get close to you to do anything. the monolith and land raider are too many points for this level, and the leman russ won't be stopped by one lascannon before wrecking your army. I only took one in my list because I had the points and I had the lascannon.

    Oh, and battlewagons, you might see one of those too. A lascannon would be really useful against one of those since it's open topped, but even a missile can kill it.
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