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    1500 point Blood Angels Army List

    This army list belongs to a friend of mine who has terrible internet connection so he cant post it. He would like to know if you have any suggestions for his army.

    1500 point army list for blood angels
    Chaplin 100pts
    Terminator Gear +25pts
    Total 125pts

    Scout Squad (five men) 80pts
    Sniper Rifles x 4 +25pts
    Missile Launcher +20
    Melta Bombs +5
    Total 125pts

    Dreadnought125 pts
    Venerable +20
    Heavy Flamer +5
    Total 150 pts

    Death Company (five men) 30pts
    Total 30pts

    Tactical Squad I 190pts
    Powerfist +25
    Melta gun +15
    Melta Bombs +5
    Total 235pts

    Tactical Squad II 190pts
    Powersword +15
    Flamer +5
    Melta bombs +5
    Total 215

    Heavy Support
    Devastator Squad I (five men) 115pts
    Powerfist +25
    Melta bombs +5
    Lascannon +35
    Missile Launcher x2 +40
    Total 220pts

    Devastator Squad II (five men) 115pts
    Meltabombs +5
    Heavy Bolter x2 +30
    Multimelta +15
    Plasma Cannon +25
    Total 190pts

    Hunter Killer Missle +15
    Extra Armor +15
    Twin Linked Lascannons +35
    Lascannon Sponsons +60
    Total 200pts

    Grand Total 1490 points!

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    First off, you might edit this to remove specific points costs for upgrades, as that will get you in some trouble on the boards here. There is a whole post on how to post army lists stickied around here somewhere.

    Next Power Fists and Melta Bombs are kind of a waste in your Dev Squads. They are going to be stationary most of the game and are usually an early target, so it is unlikely that they will ever get to use those upgrades.

    Also, as I play more and more 5th edition games I'm finding that 2 Tac squads just aren't enough, so I'd suggest a 3rd Tac squad for sure.

    Finally, this list seems very shooty, and thats not the worst thing to be, but mobility is the Blood Angels bread and butter, so this list really isn't benefiting very much from being BA, the elite Assault troops backed by a large amounts of firepower might work out, have your friend play test and let us know how he does.
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