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    1250 DA "Horde" List

    It's for a friendly(ish) league game, and it's the first of two games i'll be playing that evening (The second will be a 1000 point game which i intend to use lots of Transports, a dread and terminators. I know my opponent will be walking round my table, and won't have a list prepared when he turns up so I figured a bit of tactics were required re metagaming.
    (I was slightly annoyed with my last opponent, who after I put my entire army on the table in full display, lent over the table, shook his hand and handed him my list, to be asked to "hang on a minute" as he wrote his and he very definately didn't have one mentally prepared. My bad, i'll be more wary of displaying my force like that in future.
    (p.s. it was a good game - I lost, but if' he'd either failed a Pathfinder's LD test, or my vet sarge had passed his LD9 test on the 5th turn it'd be a draw, and a win if both had gone my way.)

    I also wanted to put 1/2 my Dark Angels company on a table, just because I can.

    I'm intending to go to the most extreme amount of marines i can effectively put on the field in an attempt to just swamp him, relying on my sheer numbers to help me run across the board (If objectives are rolled). In anhiallation Games I won't split the squads, and with no transports that's only 6x KP's. Ho ho ho.

    Commander @ 140 points
    + Lightning Claws
    + Combi-Melta
    LD10 across the board, and too fast to go slow (no PowerFist). I intend to keep him as a counter assault item (we'll see how and what he deploys though) with their troops a higher priority to IC's. Paired with a power fist Combat squad poses a dilemma to their IC's.

    Tactical Squad 1 @ 205 points
    10 x Men
    + Power Fist
    + Flamer
    + Missile Launcher

    Tactical Squad 2 @ 205 Points
    10 x Men
    + Power Fist
    + Flamer
    + Missile Launcher

    Tactical Squad 3 @ 210 Points
    10 x Men
    + Power fist
    + Flamer
    + Plasma Cannon

    Tactical Squad 4 @ 205 Points
    10 x Men
    + Power Sword
    + Meltagun
    + Plasma Cannon

    Tactical Squad 5 @ 210 Points
    10 x Men
    + Power Sword
    + Meltagun
    + Lascannon

    75 points to spare, and i'm not sure what to do. (Grey Knight hero with psychic hood?) I could change a Lascannon for a plasma cannon or multimelta for a few more points. I know my opponent favours fast, manuverable armys (Eldar, Ravenwing, Dark Eldar) - I like that long range punch the LasCannon Offers, but want the +1 damage of a multimelta (and it helps prevent Falcon Tank shocking off a objective since there's 4/6 chance a death or glory will lead to glory, with penetrating +1.)

    Veering towards the psychic hood option, as I danged well hate those eldar pesky psychic powers. (Or may be surprised by something gross e.g. A Lash Of Submission army, however my opponent is sporting so i'd be surprised.
    P.S. I own no whirlwinds, and my scouts are unavailable at the moment (or I'd scout + meltabomb outflank)

    My main tactics will be: See Signature Tactics Post.

    Result: I went with the grey knight in the end, and he turned up with Dark Eldar (With 3x triple plasmacannon heavy support tank thingies)
    we Got Annhialation, He went first, using the table quaters setup.

    I am very, very lucky we got annhialation, as I won 8-6 (With 7KP's available on my board) and have no doubt that for objectives i would have sorely lost. Do not play troop only lists (well, bar 500 point games or similar). I also completely muppeted my deployment by putting the plasma cannon teams at the back of my deployment area, and missile launchers at the front, and the ML's were slaughtered first, leaving the plasma's out of range.

    However, I have absolutely no fear of melee anymore, He was also using a 10 man squad of harlequins (with my permission when we met for the game - it turns out DE will get their own version) - and They lost 2 combats and drew 1 combat, and that's all they were in (with them charging to boot). I have a newfound respect for 10 man marine squads in melee. In all I think there 6 assaults, and I didn't lose one.

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