Inq Lord
TH (this is essential with daemonhosts I think)
w/ Plasma Cannon
2 Gun-Servitors
2 Heavy Bolters
2 Sages
w/ Bolter

2 Death Cult Assassins

2 Daemonhosts (I never like deep striking them especially with new FAQ rule that they don't get power the turn that they do come in. So I like to start them on the board)

7 man IST
w/ Plasma/melta

7 man IST

Heavy Flamer

Heavy Flamer

Lance Orbital strike (great for destroying fortified buildings under the new rules, or at least freaking out whoever's inside or around.

Vindicare (I have only used him three times since 5th came out and each time he used the turbo penetrate special round, you know the one that can penetrate up to 30 armor, I have missed. Three times I have rolled a 1 to hit. I still believe in this model, especially with the new rules, but... my luck is not making it easy.

I tried it on my brother who has SMurfs. Things weren't quite fun x3, but it worked out okay. I won.

The idea was to have everything I could in a 1000 point list that would mess with my opponent. I tried playing around with the numbers to get 3 deamonhosts and 3 deathcultists, but nothing looked as fun.

The plan with this list is to have the ISTs start and stay in their transports as long as possible and to use them open top with either melta guy or plasma guy depending who is in range. This works well with new rules because I can claim objectives while still in the vehicles.

Also if I had been unlucky enough to roll annihilation the 2 daemonhosts count as one unit as do the 2 deathcultists. So if I can just manage to keep one alive I'm alright. If I roll up one of the other two missions the infiltrating assassins and teleporting daemonhosts can contest in fun ways.

In the end this isn't a list to win with so much as a list you can have fun regardless with and keep your opponents guessing when you say you have a DH army.