Not gonna put point total down because last time i got in crap for it This will be my first tourney with Dark Angels, so any input is welcome.

Sammael on Jet Bike
Chaplain, Bike

Deathwing Terminators X 5(Probly just storm bolters and power fists)
Dreadnought, Missile Launcer, Twin-Linked Las Cannon

Tactical Squad X 10, Missile Launcher, Rhino
Tactical Squad X 10
Ravenwing Attack Squad, 6 Bikes + Attack Bike with Multi-Melta, Banner(Sammael's)


Total = 1500

I know taking 2 HQ choices in a 1500 point game is kinda risky, but I still have a lot of models on the field regardless, that is why i went with 2 tactical squads, to get my numbers up. I have really wanted to try a chaplain on a bike with the banner in the same squad. I got a feeling that unit will have some great potential. Ill use Sammael for support incase they have to go after terminators, but his main job will be causing havoc for single models and being "the other hunter killer missile".

3 troop choices should be plenty for 1500, and I can always split them into combat squads depending on the mission type(pretty much anything but annihilation)

I have two str 10 shots in this list and one melta, and of course a couple missile launchers. Think this should be enough? I was thinking of perhaps trying to find some room in the list for another melta gun, somewhere on my bike squad, or probly just on my chaplain. I haven't used a vindicator much, but I think with all the havoc that my Bikes can cause that i will get a chance to fire it off once or twice in the game, which pretty much means its gonna do its job.

Any advice welcome, thanks!