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    500 pts. Sisters mech-list

    This is my first attempt at a SoM army list, using only the models I already have plus one I'll have to buy. Any critique is welcome.

    Here goes:


    10 sisters
    - Rhino
    10 sisters
    - 1 meltagun
    - Rhino

    Heavy Support:

    500 pts. exactly, not a single one to spare. Three vehicles, so likely to face armies with insufficient tankbusting capabilities. Only one faith point, though, and the Palatine is awfully bare-bones. She'll probably have to die in round 2 to fuel another AoF. The Exorcist is a very. very nice advantage if leveraged correctly. The squads are rather basically equipped, but, at 500 points, there is really no alternative.

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    well, min squad size is 10 (9 + Sister Superior)

    so you'll have to find points for those. For 500pts, you're heavy on anti-tank.

    I don't think you really need an exorcist at 500pts. if you can do it, great. The twin melta squad should be able to handle anti-tank.

    it's hard to pull off an Exorcist with 2 units of girls that are a little above 200pts each, and a HQ.

    maybe try doing the SoB's with Hflamer/melta in rhinos, and a Cannoness with jump pack and inferno pistol. I like the VSS upgrades, since faith lets you be much more versatile.
    or consider 5 man Stormtrooper squad with 2 Meltas in a rhino for tankbusting. it's cheaper.

    if you drop the Melta SoB's for Melta ST's you get similar anti-tank ability with an exorcist, and a cannoness with a weapon.

    500pt lists were on my to-do list for this weekend... need to sit down and work on it.

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