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    durus Diggums Hammer's Avatar
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    Mech Sisters 1750pts

    I'm back at 40k again and have bought and built most of my Sisters army.

    Let me know what you think of the effectiveness of this list. I want to play mech, but everything else is open to suggestions.

    7 Faith Points.

    (299pts)HQ: Cannoness, Blessed, Book, Cloak, Rosarius, frags
    with 9 Celestines, two with Flamers, one a Vet sister w/Evicerator, frags
    Rhino, EA and Smoke

    (234 pts) 10 Sisters, one a Veteran Sister with Book and Evicerator, one wih Melta Gun and one with Heavy Flamer.
    Rhino, EA and Smoke.

    X 3 of these exact squads.

    (276pts) Fast Attack:
    10 Seraphim with two Hand Flamers, Vet Sister w/Evicerator and Book.

    Heavy Support:

    (184pts) Retributer Squad: 10 Sisters with 4 Heavy Bolters, one a Vet sister - vanilla.

    (143pts) Exorcist. Smoke and EA

    x 2 of these.

    "A love for tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril."
    Sir Winston Churchil

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    Personally, I love the list quite a bit. It does seem a tad low on faith points, but then again I love my flying canonesses. I think the retributor would be a point sink, but sometimes my exorcists don't roll as high as I want to for missile count.

    I think the only thing that might happen is leaving your retributors behind and enemies drop podding or deep striking next to them to eliminate them.

    Personally the only thing I would drop is the retributors in favor of another exorcist, and with the spare points..maybe give your vets a brazier for some more template goodness.

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    Senior Member farmpunk's Avatar
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    You might consider making your SoB troops with HFlamer/Flamer (two Squads) and one squad with twin melta. the flaming squads will be horrible death to all infantry (divine guidance and 2 templates is sick, esp vs marines)
    The twin melta squad will be able to more successfully pop tanks, and can still deal a good deal of damage to troops with the mass of bolters.

    I don't think you'll need a Rosarius on the Cannoness, maybe detach her, and run her with the celestians.

    honestly though, I'm used to running my cannoness with a jump pack, and trailing the Seraphim.

    You might also consider either upgrading the Retributor superior to a Vet for the faith,
    or picking up a Demonhunters shooty inq. squad with psycannon, plas cannon, and 2 HBolter goodness. tack on some sages, and you'll have the Deepstrikers thinking twice.

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