Hi everyone first post here.. been lurking a while. So lets get started.. just making a basic list for fun games, deciding which chapter would be best. Looks like it could be a good Crimson Fists list. Just wanted your guys opinions because the list is a little over 1000 points. 52 over to be exact. Heres the list

Bolt pistol, power weapon
81 pts

Lascannon, missile launcher
135 pts

Lascannon, missile launcher
135 pts

Scout Squad
x5 Scouts
sniper rifles
90 pts

Scout Squad
x5 Scouts
bolters, missile launcher
75 pts

Tactical Squad
Sergeant w/Terminator Honours,Bolt pistol,Power Fist
x9 Marines w/ Heavy Bolter, Plasma Gun,bolters
195 pts

Combat Squad
Sergeant w/bolter
x4 Marines w/ Missile launcher, flamer
91 pts

Fast Attack
Assault Squad
Sergeant W/ Terminator Honours, Power Fist
x9 marines w/bp, ccw
250 pts

Total 1052

Another thing I was thinking about, does it look like my AT and anti infantry is balanced, as well as maybe I should replace the captain with a Chaplain with a jump pack to make my assaualt squad more.. awesome. Thanks for suggestions