Ard Boyz 2500 pt. Blood Angels - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Ard Boyz 2500 pt. Blood Angels

    right now i'll be using all the models i have which is enough to complete the 2500 pts Ard Boyz Tournament. I wanna know if i will fair well with this list.

    125 HQ Chaplain Lemartes

    25 E Death Company x5

    300 T Assault Squad
    Power Sword,
    2x Plasma Pistol,
    7x Bolt Pistol

    220 T Tactical Squad
    Plasma Gun,
    Plasma Cannon,
    8x Bolters

    40 Rhino

    195 T Tactical Squad
    9x Bolters

    40 Rhino

    140 T Stormtrooper squad
    Power Sword Vet,
    Grenade Launcher,
    7x hellguns

    85 Chimera
    heavy bolters

    210 E Veteran Squad
    Bolt Pistol & CCW,
    Power Fist & Bolt Pistol,
    Power Sword & Bolt,
    2x Melta Guns

    260 E Grey Knight Terminators

    240 E Terminators

    50 Drop Pod

    205 T Assault Squad
    Power Fist & Combat Shield,
    2x Plasma Pistol,
    2x bolt pistol

    225 HS Devastator Squad
    Power Fist & Plasma Pistol,
    2x Heavy Bolter,
    2x Missile Launcher

    125 HQ Company Captain
    Terminator Armour,
    Power Fist,
    Storm Bolter.

    I usually leavy some units behind for fire support and rush the enemy with rest. units inside my tanks ready to rapid fire once they disembark and assault take the flanks. it works for me. with the new edition assault is good for me and i got tons of troops for objective taking. if i go against vehicles i leave em alone. they dont bother me much, if i go against nids or orks i stay way back, shoot and counter- assault.

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