Hi guys.

Need avice on this new daemonhunters list:

Grand Master
  • master cratfed (force weapon)

Grey Knights
  • incinorator

Inquistitorial Storm Troopers
  • 2xplasma guns

Heavy Support
Grey Knights Dreadnought
  1. assualt cannon
  2. powerfist
  3. extra armour
  4. Blessed

Before you tear into me about taking a Grand Master in a 500 point match let me justify it. I was playing with this army for the first time (with a chimera and a Brother Captain instead of a GM), anyway walked my BC up to a massive deamon prince, scraped his armour, then got pulverised into the earth by the deamon losing 2 wounds, enough for a GM to surive and kill with his holocust ability. plus i use my chimera in my gaurd army and didnt want to repaint it, (especially as i just tidy it up for my guardsmen =P)

any thought that u might have would be much apreciated.


The Fury of the Inquisition will Conquer All