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    500 pts semi-competative Witch hunters Horde :D

    well we've got a league starting up in like a week or so at my local GW store and im looking to slap together the first 500pts of my WH army, im going (at least for the moment) toward a horde feel, its gonna be pretty much a footslogger army with an emphasis on model count, i really like the idea of setting up huge units of battle sisters and raving mad zealots if anyone has feilded an army like this and has some advice on how to build/play it or just some general WH critique id really appreciate the feedback, id like to stick to the basic premise of the army but would also like to win some games

    Cannoness, Lilith - inferno pistol, evisorator, jump pack -105 pts

    battle sisters, 10, vet sis -124 pts

    battle sisters, 10, vet sis, krak.nade, 2 metlas -146 pts

    Zealots 15, 2 Gren.launchers, 2 evisorator fanatics -125 pts

    500 pts
    36 troops
    4 faith

    The way i see it playing out is the canoness either deepstrikes or does some flanking to either go big game hunting or finish off small/shooty squads in cc, the battle sisters unleash bolt gun fury, while the zealots unleash grenade laucher fury and close into cc, depending on what my opponents fielding i'll either have the zealots using the sisters power armour for cover or the sisters will use the zealots numbers to soak up high st low ap weapons fire. The grenade launchers are in there for some shooting assault attacks and to nullify cover mainly if they are hiding behind sisters so they can still shoot without the opponents getting cover from my own troops.

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    I actually like the look of this list. But drop the inferno pistol on your cannoness and the grenade launcher on the zealots and get a heavy flamer / flamer for your other sister squad. The zealots and the double melta sister squad can deal with any small amount of tanks you'll be fighting against.

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