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    1500 pts list, friendly + tourney

    Doctrines :

    Iron Discipline
    Light Infantry

    Situation :

    Terrain is Burnt, city ruins blocks , scouts reported almost all xenos lifeform and marines have arrived within the vicinity. Expected to engage one race at a time.

    Troops Composition :

    HQ Command Platoon.

    Captain Lypton
    Command section :
    HSO, Plasma Pistol, Bolt Pistol, Iron discipline,
    -------------------- > costs 112 points

    Fire Support Squad :

    Autocannon x 3
    Autocannon x 3
    --------------------> costs 190

    Antitank Support Squad:

    Lascannon x 3
    Lascannon x 3
    --------------------> costs 230

    Mortar Support squad :

    Mortar x 3
    --------------------> cost 80

    1st Infantry Platoon
    Lieutenant Winters
    Command Section:
    JO,Plasma Pistol, Bolt Pistol, Iron discipline

    -------------------> costs 81

    1st Squad

    8 Troopers , Autocannon, Melta, Vet Sgt with Plasma Pistol + bolt pistol
    With Light infantry training.

    -------------------> cost 112

    2nd Squad

    8 Troopers, Grenade Launcher , Vet sgt with Plasma Pistol + bolt pistol with light infantry training.

    ------------------> cost 84

    2nd Infantry Platoon
    Lieutenant Garneer
    Command Section :
    JO, Plasma Pistol + Bolt Pistol + Iron discipline
    ------------------> cost 81
    1st Squad

    8 Troopers, Autocannon, Melta gun, Vet Sgt + Plasma Pistol+ Bolt Pistol , With light infantry training.

    --------------------> cost 112

    2nd Squad

    8 Troopers, Grenade launcher, Vet Sgt+Plasma Pistol + Bolt Pistol, With light infantry training.

    --------------------> cost 84

    3rd Squad
    8 Troopers, Grenade launchers, Vet sgt + Plasma Pistol + bolt pistol , with light infantry training.

    -------------------> cost 84

    Heavy Support

    Leman Russ + Hull heavy bolters + side sponsons pair of heavy bolters

    -------------------> cost 155

    Demolisher Leman Russ + Hull heavy bolter + side sponson heavy bolters

    -------------------> costs 165

    Total cost overal = 1489

    Note :

    I wanted to create a stable strong guard army list that can take on all types of other enemies. I have fought many battles in real life in the club but sadly I never won. Fought againts the Tau, Orks, eldar and Space marines still during that time is using 4th edition.

    So I really need a strong type of army list. Anyway I have already 60 guardsmens mostly with flamers but I can always modify it, 1 command staff set, 1 heavy weapons set , 1 Karskin set, 1 Leman russ. I am thinking of what to buy next.. hopefully I can plan ahead.

    And also I want to ask if we're using the modified tripod for the heavy weapons bits, is that considered to be tourney legal ? I don't wanna get disqualified.

    Hopefully I can ask and consult with you all about it.

    Thank you for reading,

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    Hellhounds are good tanks Dakka,Dakka,Dakka's Avatar
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    41 (x2)

    drop heavy weapons in command squads, and give them more special weapons

    drop 1 fire support and 1 anti tank squad

    give remaining firesupport squad and anti tank squad light infantry(set em up on top of a tall building or something)

    get more infantry squads, and dont give veteran sgt plasma pistol(not worth price)

    dont mix heavy weapon with melta gun, if you want to mix something with a heavy weapon mix a grenade launcher or plasma gun.

    personally i would trade the russ for a basalisk or another demolisher(or even a hellhound) a basic russ will not like a dense cityfight as much as any of those.

    you have 5 squads, try to get 8 or 10, and the list will be good in cityfight.
    Hellhounds are good tanks

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