Hi everyone!

Heres my take on a 2000 points ultramarines army.

this is just a rough sketch:


Chapter Master:

Artificier Armour/Power Sword/Bolt Pistol/Terminator Honours/Iron Halo: 151 pts

Command Squad:

9 Marines (cc)/Furious Charge/Sarg. w/Powerfist,Terminator Honours,Stormbolter:
Champion. w/terminator Honours:
Rhino: 280 pts

Chaplain: Bolt Pistol/Terminator Honours/Jump Pack: 126 pts


Terminator Squad:

5 Term:/Assault Cannon/2xchainfist/ Sarg w/Power Sword and Storm Bolter 245 pts


Tactical Squad:

10 Marines: /Vet. Sarg. Powerfist/Missile launcher/Flamer: 186 pts

Tactical Squad:

10 Marinas: /Vet. Sarg. Powerfist/Plasma Cannon/Plasma Gun/Rhino 255 pts

Tactical Squad:

6 Marines: /Vet. Sarg. Power Sword/Multimelta/Melta Gun/Frag/Razorback 211 pts

Scout Squad:

5 Scouts: Bolters/Heavy Bolter: 70 pts

Fast Attack:

Assault squad: (Joins up with the chaplain)

10 Marines: /Vet. Sarg. w/Power Fist: 250 pts

Heavy Support:

Pedator Annihilator: /Lascannon sponsons: 145 pts

Whirlwind: 85 pts

Total: 2004 pts

Here it is!

What do you say help and critic is much appreciated! thanks