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    1700, Dark Angels

    From what I have seen in 5th ed .tournaments lately, the marine armies that seem to do the best are the the ones that take a lot of tactical squads. I've been wanting to try Azarael in a list lately, and I found this to be the best way to do it.

    Chaplain, Powerfist

    10 Veterans, 7 with pistols and Chain Swords, 2 Lightning Claws, 1 Power Fist

    10 Marines, Plasma Cannon
    10 Marines, Plasma Cannon
    10 Marines, Lascannon
    10 Marines, Lascannon

    Landraider Crusader

    Total = 1700

    Azarael, the Chaplain and the Veterans are all going to go in the crusader, and pretty much hunt out the largest unit it can find, out of a crusader they will always get to charge, so thats a total of 51 attacks, with re-rolls on the charge(40 from the Vets, 6 from Azarael, 5 from Chaplain). Combining all those attacks with a mess of shooting from the unit and the crusader, this unit will cut holes through anything, and probly in one turn. I was debating going with just a chaplain instead of Azarael, but I think with all those power weapons out there, the 4+ ward save might come incredibly handy, I will go terminator hunting with this unit of course.

    As far as troops go I have a potential of 8 scoring units when broken into combat squads, and great punch against termies and what not with the plasma cannons, and of course some anti vehicle firepower with the 2 lascannons.

    The Landraider is necessary of course, only way I can transport all those units in one vehicle, I also love the firepower of the crusader, so great for taking out large units of troops. I've always liked the whirlwind, It should be pretty effective in this list since it will be mostly defensive, though I could probly make room for a vindicator if i drop the WW and the powerfist on the chaplain, and some other stuff...thoughts?

    lemme know what you think,


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