As you all know the 'ard boyz is almost here and I was wondering what people think of my army so here it is.
Master and Terminator Command Squad - 325
-Assault cannon and Chain Fist

Epistolary and Command Squad - 348
-Vet Seargent with Power Weapon

Terminator Squad - 225
-Assault Cannon and Chain Fist

Terminator Assault Squad - 200
-Thunder Hammer and Storm Shields

Two Tactical Squads - 201 each
-Missile Launcher and Flamer
-Vet Seargent with Power Weapon

Tactical Squad - 206
-Missile Launcher and Flamer
-Vet Seargent with Power Fist

Scout Squad - 70

Assault Squad - 151
-Two Plasma Pistols
-Vet Seargent with Power Fist

Bike Squad - 136
-Meltagun and Plasmagun
-VET Seargent with Teleport Homer

Devastator Squad - 215
-Two Lascannons and Two Plasma Cannons

Two Predator Destructors - 110 each

Sorry it was so long but it is 2498 points total. My tactics are as follows:
Bike squad will turbo boost first turn and drop the teleport homer in its permanent location. The tactical squads will secure any nearby objectives with assault squad as a counter offensive. Three terminator units deepstrike around teleport homer or away in order to decieve my oppenent. They then take objectives and kill and bla bla bla bla bla. So what do you think.