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    400pt combat patrol in 5th ed

    Howdy fellow officers,

    Me and my friends are doing in a builder campaign (build and paint 400 points per month, 1st month play with 400pt army in patrol, 2nd month 800pt games, 3rd month 1200pt)

    Enemies I'll be facing: Marines, Orks, Tau, Chaos, Nids, IG

    this is my list for my patrol list

    Doctrines - Rough Riders, Close Order Drill, Iron Discipline

    Infantry Platoon
    Command Squad w/ Iron Discipline - 70
    4 guardsmen w/ flamer
    Junior Officer w/ bolter

    Squad Alpha - 75

    Squad Bravo - 75

    Squad Charlie - 75
    Missile Launcher

    Remnant Squad Human Shield - 50
    Grenade Launcher

    Rough Rider - 55
    5 holy lance

    Total: 400 pts, 48 models

    Castle yourself in cover and good fire lane to take down in coming transports with Autocannon & Krak. Once they are out, use Frag blast for maximum damage. When the enemies are close to assault range, move the remnant squad upwards to block enemy. After the remnant squad loose combat and flee, command squad goes up with 4 flamers to torch the enemy. Rough riders can go on the flank kamakazi themself to destory enemy infantry midway, or help command squad counter the charge.

    Please critique, all comments are welcome

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    Hrm...seems fine.

    You might be relying slightly too much on your opponents coming towards you though. What if they try to outshoot you?
    Or use a different tactic to what you expect them to use?

    It's absolutely fine and a good base but it seems slightly narrow minded. Go for it though I'd say.
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    If your planning on holding your ground, why rough riders?

    Close order drill is great if your enemy doesnt have blast weapons, but keep in mind that they might ( i use it all the time)

    You might be relying slightly too much on your opponents coming towards you though. What if they try to outshoot you?
    - Im going to guess thats what the other guard player will do, as well as tau. And tau DO out shoot you alot of time.

    Otherwise, solid plan and solid list, Good luck
    For someone to deal as much damage as you did, the Emperor must surely be at your side. - MaxDv
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