OK, the restrictions for this 750pt tourney are that you use all the models in the black reach set (upgrades and addons are allowed, as well as extra models to fill up to 750pts).

This is my first marine list, C&C appreciated


Captain w/ Power Sword 75pts


5 Terminators w/ Assault Cannon 220pts

Dreadnought w/ Meltagun, Smoke Launchers, Searchlights 119pts (looking for a spare Dreadnought assault cannon....)


10 Tac Marines w/ Flamer, Missile 166pts (Special weapons here are fixed due to black reach minis)
Sergeant w/ BP+CCW

10 Tac Marines w/ Plasmagun, Missile 170pts
Sergeant w/ BP+CCW

Total Points: 750
Model Count: 27

So this is my list, and it being an Assault on Black Reach tourney I will be facing JUST marines and orks. I'm looking to win here, so a powergamey list is completely fine with me. I am able to buy models, but remember that I have to use all the AoBR minis so pretty much I'm limited to adding that second troops choice and that's about it.