Hi Guys,

So I've decided to make a 1750 Dark Angels army after my girlfriend told me she has organised a game for me againts one of her friends (Isn't she great?)

Only thing is that I don't have the models to even proxy an army of this size, so I've just decided to throw everything together, and hope it does ok.

The List:

130 Belial with Lightning Claws
145 Interrogator Chaplain with Terminator armour

290 Deathwing Terminators Company Banner, Apoth, Cyclone, 3x LC's, 2x Hammer
(Hammer guys are Apoth & Banner holders, Cyclone on a LC dude)
(All riding together)

175 Ven Dread with TLLC & Missiles

210 + 40 10 man Tac Melta Fist & Missile in Rhino with Extra SB
210 + 40 10 man Tac Melta Fist & Missile in Rhino with Extra SB
195 + 40 10 man Tac Flamer Power weapon & Missile in Rhino with Extra SB

130 Vindicator with extra SB
130 Vindicator with extra SB

The Vindicators are actually modelled as Whirlwinds as that's all I've got in the way of heavy support.

I was thinking about switching them for 2 Predators with TLLC and HB sponsons, but i'm not sure.

I also have about 15 points left to spend, I was thinking about slamming Dozer Blades on the Vindi's and the flamer toting rhino.

I have extremely little experience with vehicles, even less with space marines, and I'm still fairly new to the game.

Anything you can see wrong with the list? I figured that If 1750 is the norm around here, (I've just moved towns) then I may as well just get an all comers list together.

Thanks for all your help guys.