Got a couple 1500 40k tourneys coming up, hoping to take my DAs to both, probly with the following list. Lemme know what you think.


9 X Veterans, 2 X lightning Claws, Power fist
Dreadnought, Venerable, Multi-Melta, Extra Armour, Drop Pod

10 Man Tactical, Plasma Cannon
10 Man Tactical, Plasma Cannon
10 Man Tactical, Lascannon

Landraider Crusader

Total = 1500

Pretty simple list. I've used it a couple times so far and really enjoy it, that unit of veterans with Azrael is incredible. Great for killing terminators and marines, and you can bet with the new codex coming out that marines will be well represented in tourneys. So far dreads in 5th ed have worked out amazing for me, 215 points is steep for 1 model however, any thoughts?