HQ: Marneus Calgar, with Armor of Antilochus: 265 pts

Elite: Dreadnought with assault cannon, heavy flamer
Drop pod with locator beacon. 170 pts

Sternguard Veterans: 6 marines (incl Sgt), Sgt has combi-melta
And Power weapon, Razorback with HB 210 pts

Tactical Squad 1: 10 marines, meltagun, missile launcher,
Sgt w/ Power fist. Razorback w/ HB 240 pts

Tactical Squad 2: 10 marines, meltagun, missile launcher,
Sgt w/ Power fist. Razorback w/ HB 240 pts

Tactical Squad 3: 10 marines, flamer, multi-melta,
Sgt w/ Power fist. Drop Pod w/ deathwind missile
launcher 250 pts

Scout Squad: 8 scouts with 7 sniper rifles and
1 missile launcher, camo-cloaks. 148 pts

Fast Attack
Assault Squad 1: 10 marines, 2 plasma pistols,
Sgt w/ Power fist. 245 pts

Heavy Support
Devastator Squad: 10 marines, 4 missile launchers 230 pts

Summary: 65 marines, 3 razor backs with heavy bolters, 7 missile launchers, 2 melta guns and a multi-melta. Four Sgts w/ Power fists, 7 snipers, 2 drop pods. This list has 7 potential scoring units. 1998 points.

The basic plan is to break up devastators into 2 squads to with interlocking fields of fire. Drop the Dread in turn 1 close to troops and hopefully away from anti-tank weapons. Surge forward with 2 razorbacks carrying tactical marines, and leaving 2 tactical combat squads with missile launchers either shooting at tanks or running forward to objectives. I will drop my second pod near the dread if it is still alive when they come in. The sternguard will be a fast reaction force to take on big threats, as will the assault squad. The assault squad will be broken down into combat squads. One of those will have the power fist and the other will have 2 plasma pistols. Those squads will stay together, but hopefully make the opponent choose which one to target with shooting, and will require more concentrated fire to take them down. The scouts will lay low in cover and snipe at high toughness targets, and possible move to hold an objective.
Depending on the scenario and opponent, Marneus Calgar will either deploy in the 2nd drop pod with a 10-man tactical squad, or in a razorback with a 5-man combat squad. The disadvantage to the pod, is I don’t know what turn it will enter play and he is a lot of points to have sitting on the bench. The disadvantage of the razorback is weak armor, and the HB makes it more of a target.