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    Inquisitorial Aspirant librisrouge's Avatar
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    1500 Witchhunters Mob List

    A friend dared me to post a list I came up with based on the mob theme and post it for comment and since the internet is fair anonymous I decided to do it.

    Canoness - Bolter, Powerweapon, Krak Grenades

    Sisters Repentia x6 w/ Mistress

    Arco-Flagellants x6

    Battle Sisters x20 - Storm Bolter x2, VSS w/ Evisterator and Book

    Battle Sisters x20 - Meltagun x2, VSS w/ Evisterator and Book

    Zealots x20 - 4 Fanatics w/ Eviserators, Grenade Launchers x2
    Priest w/ Powerweapon and Laspistol

    Penitent Engines x2 (different squads)

    Exorcist w/ Extra Armor

    I know it's a weird list but what do you think?

    'An open mind is like a fortress with its walls unguarded and its gates wide open' -Blood Ravens

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    59 (x2)

    it's not bad.

    I'd want to see even more Pen Engines though.

    I've run a list 'o crazies at 1500 and 1000pts

    1000pts (rough list)
    3x3 PE's
    2x5man IST's w/2 grenade launchers (I like Arbites models, like a police force)
    1 Inq Lord w/scourging psychic hood, 3 IST's for retinue

    1500pts (I haven't tried this list in a long time)
    3x3 PE's
    2 IST squads (maybe even in rhinos or chimera)
    Zealots w/priest
    6 Arco flagellents
    Inq. Lord w/scourging 3IST's w/grenade launchers 2 chiurgeons
    Eversor Asassin

    I think you've got to use PE's en masse to get the best effect. it's a lot of armor running across the board. I like the idea of giving your enemy way too much armor to be able to take down. PE's are still a threat solo. Usually by thetime they make it through the shooting, there's only one left, and it wreaks havoc.
    Rhinos for IST's would give the Arcos something to run behind for cover.

    I like the crazy sde of =I= in 5th ed. I'm just holding off getting 8 more PE's until I know what they'll do with them in a codex rewrite.

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    Member Farseer_Matt's Avatar
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    5 (x1)

    split up the two 20's into four 10's,
    no repentia in 1500 unless its a full 10-15, use the points on a second exorcist
    take out the penitents and buy a squad of hbolter retributors

    these are just my opinions but it's what i'd do and i have competed in many tournaments using WH and i find that an army like this doesnt need the repentia or the penitents unless you really want to combat, and the arco's are good enough

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    Member Dethcultist's Avatar
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    i like it, seems kinda close to a sisters horde that i've been making, a few suggestions to think about though, i would take out the repentia for another squad of zealots, youd end up with more evisorator attacks and in the end its not only more resiliant but you can take tones of casualties before having to lose any of their potency (oh and they have ranged shots which always comes in handy )

    the canoness should really have an evisorator, she have a high volume of attacks and okay WS so she can really use it with gusto...i dunno maybe lose the stormbolters to free up the extra points.

    also id drop the penitents in favor of another exorcist, i can see you plan here with using the evisorators and penitents to shred vehicles but a few shots from another exorcist missle launcher will, not only take out that pestky anti-horde vehicle but also go along way to softening up any real nasty units on the otherside of the board, repentia/zealots/arcos are realatively slow initiative wise and by no means indestructable so it helps if you can cripple the units that their going to attack with some ranged power

    Just my 2 cents, Love it though, Angry Mobs for the win!!
    Last edited by Dethcultist; September 27th, 2008 at 22:21. Reason: spelling error

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