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    Trying to figure out DH at 2000

    Since 5th edition was released I have gone defeated with my Daemonhunters. My vehicles have been unstoppable, but I think most of that has come for bad dice rolling. The last two games I went pure GKs and seemed to be in decent posistion until the last turn of the game when I got pushed off both objectives. Games were against Orks and Dark Eldar, and I used 2 mini purgers, 3 full PAGK, 2 Dreads, a landraider, and a BC with a unit of 7 PAGKs with 3 incinerators in the land raider. The minipurgers had to move into position and didn't put out the number of shots I would have liked durring the game (dawn of war setup [both times]), the Land raider crew probably would have been better walking with all storm bolters, and the PAGK got swamped down by outflanking by commandos, or wytches who are too good against PAGKs.

    So my new list should look something like this; and is open to all sorts of critisism.

    HQ --not decided yet.

    Elite--none yet


    3x 10 PAGK (275)--I don't think you can really beat this setup

    1x 5 minipurger (GK 201) [2 psycannons, targetor on justicar]--Might drop for heavy shooting inquistor with heavy bolters and psycannon...Howver I just finished painting my 2 psycannon GKs so they might have to get played atleast once.

    2x 10 Stormtroopers, [rhino with 2 flamers] (165)--I might change these to 5 man squads and/or melta gun squads so that I can add an elite inquisitor for either heavy fire, or 4 flamers in a rhino. But I like 10 man squads so that they can hopefully hold an objective at the end if they need to.

    Heavy Support--420

    3x hellfire dreads [140] (TLLC+ML)

    Extra points--224

    So I have extra points to get an HQ and then more units. I would like to get another troop choice, unfortunately that isn't within the FOC guidelines. What should I get; I am thinking BC (manditory to get GK Dreads), and then some kind of inquisitor with retinue. Is that something else I should get? Deepstriking terminator armored inquisitors with psycannons just seems like a steal at 70 points, just start popping rear armor plus no one likes a multi wound 2 plus save in their ranks.

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    I think you've done a very good job on the list.

    The additions that you're thinking about sound pretty good.
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    HQ: I would take a BC and retinue of 4 termies (you would need to loose 21 points). Also get a psycannon as they can move and fire at all ranges and don't loos attacks or strength when doing so. A psychic hood on the BC is also reccomended especially against doom or lash of submission.

    Troops: large PAGK units are good. Mini purgation is ok but really vanilla PAGK are better. But then again against eldar or daemons the psy cannon have their uses.
    ISTs are ok but I think plasma guns are the way to go for them. If you don't wan't plasmas then take sisters of battle. For a few more points you get faith assisted weaponry, a heavy flamer option, better armour and bolters!

    If you didn't want the termie retinue but mentioned you wanted more scoring units then drop one IST squad and use your other remaining points for an inducted guard paltoon with a ML (or LC) & PG in each squad. These guys can hold any objectives on your side of the table while the silver chaps take it to the enemy. You also get some long range fire support thrown in.

    Heavy: good. I do like to keep one dread with its CCW left on as occasionally they get to charge howling banshees or huge hordes of hormagaunts etc to tie them up in useless combats.
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