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    Vulkan based army - 2000/2500

    hi, here i am going a bit flamers/meltas nutty, and i basically want to make the most i can out of Vulkan

    this army list was heavily influenced by another thread started by someone else

    i haven't picked up the codex yet, so my real question is; is it possible to field an army with
    these units between 2000pts and 2500pts. please either buff it up or carve it down as you see fit

    1x Vulkan

    2x Sternguard Squads in drop-pods (Thunder Hammers for Sergeants)

    2x Tactical Squads in drop-pods (Thunder Hammers for Sergeants)

    2x Ironclad Dreadnoughts - in drop-pods

    what do you guys make of that? feasible?

    i also have: 2x normal dreads (any configuration, with drop-pods), another tactical squad (also with drop-pod, Pedro Kantor and Lyasander with 9x terminators with 9x TH and SS. and i'll happily get a 10man Assault Squad, but i don't think they can take flamers or meltas any more, right? alternatively, i'd get a Vanguard Squad, but i've heard they are a bit pricey pointswise, and i'd only consider them if they could take THs, flamers, meltas or combi weapons

    mostly, i need help with fitting this army together, my tactics should be pretty clear; i'm just gonna drop everyone into rapid-fire range and try to drop the pods to make walls for all my guys.

    i need a fair bit of help from all you veterans out there, so blast away!


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    It took me a while to figure out that dropping in does not really work all that well in the current metagame because of all the vehicles. Well If you want to make a Vulknan drop army like I did then this is what is should look like. NO STERNGAURD. If you want to make the most out of vulkan then use squads of assualt terminators with TH/SS. They are better than everything in the codex. Dropping dreads do one thing: come down, sometimes miss with a twinlinked melta, hit but do not penetrate, or penetrate and do not destroy. Then they get vaporized. Ironclad or not, Dreads are not a good unit choice. It took me many games to realize that even when running 3 ironclad deads and 3 squads of assualt terms that the dreads just never did anything. Sterngaurd are OK I guess. If you want to run A Sternguard vulkan army then run 10 assualt terms, 2 squads of 10 Sterns in pods. LAND SPEEDERS. and troops.

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