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    Member Zharíkan Brassbeard's Avatar
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    1000 points mech sisters

    HQ [121]
    Canoness; bolt pistol, blessed weapon, jump pack, cloak, book

    Troops [372]
    10 Battle Sisters; VSS, 2x flamer, rhino[186]

    10 Battle Sisters; VSS, 2x flamer, rhino[186]

    Fast Attack [371]
    6 Seraphim; VSS, eviscerator[181]

    6 Dominions; VSS, 4x meltaguns, rhino[190]

    Heavy Support[135]

    Total: 999
    Faith: 6

    Not the most original force I'll admit, nor the most model-heavy at 33 pairs of high-heeled ass-kicking boot on the table, but there's 4 tanks to back them up (if you can call a rhino a 'tank').

    My canoness is all dressed up for a night on the town with a blessed weapon, wings, a terminator armor save, and the ridiculously underpriced book of st lucius. She flies around and cuts things with a giant sword until they stop moving. Pretty damn good at it, too. The seraphim back her up in this with an eviscerator-packing VSS, or alternately they fly around double-tapping things and generally preventing my troop sisters from being charged.

    The troop sisters get into rapid fire range and unleash hell with bolters. At two flamers per squad I doubt if I'll have much problem with crowd control, especially potentially rending flamers. Rhinos get them there faster, run stuff over, and also are good LoS blockers once they've delivered their cargo. I'd like immolators of course, but I don't have the points. Yet.

    My dominions are my main tank/IC hunters, four meltaguns is generally enough to keep most people the hell away, and the rhino prevents things I want to die from doing that (and also gets me in melta range of tanks before they blow me to bits... I hope).

    Lastly, the exorcist makes people cry because it's basically a meltagun with D6 attacks and a 48" range. What's not to like?

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    Kut Maar Krachtig Zema's Avatar
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    Well, this list is,i can safely say, the most powergaming 1k list possible with witch hunters! for 1.5k you could give the canoness a inferno pistol, to make what could be the best character in 40k. But this army is powergaming.

    Don't get me wrong, the WH codex is, unfortunatly, rather underdeveloped in the ass kicking area. So we gotta take what we can get.

    This list'll work, it'll work beautifully.
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