1500 pt 5th ed Black Templars Balanced/Friendly - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 pt 5th ed Black Templars Balanced/Friendly

    I'm almost finished with the painting of my goal army, Black Templars. I've only used portions in Combat Patrol so far, but with the final squads almost done, I'll feel ready to bring the full force to the local store to show off an hopefully win a larger game or two.


    Castellan - 101
    Crusader Seals
    Plasma Pistol
    Power Weapon
    Frag Grenades
    Teleport Homer

    Emperor’s Champion - 140
    Accept any challenge, no matter the odds


    Sword Bretheren Terminators - 245
    2 Terminators, Storm Bolters, Powerfists
    2 Terminators, Assault Cannons, Powerfists
    1 Terminator, Storm Bolter, Chainfist

    Dreadnought - 163
    Twin-Linked Lascannon
    Dreadnought CC Weapon
    Storm Bolter
    Extra Armor
    Smoke Launchers
    Venerable, Tank-Hunter


    Crusade Squad 1 - 305
    Initiate with Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, Frags
    Initiate, Melta Gun, Frags
    8 Initiates, Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Frags
    10 Novices, Bolt Pistol, CC Weapon, Frags

    Crusader Squad 2 - 112
    Initiate with Missile Launcher
    Initiate with Plasma Gun
    4 Initiates, Bolt Gun

    Crusader Squad 3 - 112
    Initiate with Missile Launcher
    Initiate with Plasma Gun
    4 Initiates, Bolt Gun


    Assault Squad - 191
    Initiate, Bolt Pistol, Power Fist, Frag
    7 Initiates, Bolt Pistol, CC Weapon, Frag

    Attack Bike Squadron - 130
    2 Attack Bikes with Multi-Melta

    Total: 1499 points

    The Castellan and Emperor's Champion march with the first crusade squad of course. The smaller crusade squads have the responsibility for support fire/local objective holding. The Attack Bikes and Dreadnought have the primary anti-armor assignments.

    I'm happy that BT will still have the ability to crate two AC's in the 5-man Terminator squad, something that can't be ignored. They will deploy via teleport deep strike to support the advance of Crusader Squad 1 in turn 2, hopefully.

    The assault squad will primarily perform counter-assault duty as well as using its mobility to threaten broad areas and contest objectives.

    I figured that the dreadnought will get as much use out of the dread ccw as the missile launcher, and it seems fluffy as well. With the chosen vow, it can be drawn into cc easily enough, so it may as well be prepared for it.

    With the chosen vow, I thought that in 5th edition, the Castellan might be a more economical HQ than the chaplains. I toyed with the idea of getting some armor and painted up a rhino for smaller games, but thought it wasn't really needed for the fire support team, when the points would have to come from bodies in either the Crusade Team 1 or Assault squad. I also toyed with the idea of kitting out the bike squad as 3 bikes, 2 meltas and Pw, and an attack bike. However, I thought the range of two MM Attack bikes would help keep the squad on its anti-armor mission.

    Hope this meets with approval or lots of discussion.

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