Well ive been playing my 500pts WH army for a few games now and its been going pretty well so now im up to expanding into 1500pts and just wonder if theres any suggestions or comments that could help me out with this, im still painting the 750 pts expansion so alot of this is open for change.

Cannoness, Lilith - inferno pistol, evisorator, cloak, jump pack
-125 pts

Inquisitor - boltpistol, combat weapon -22 pts

Callidus - (no upgrades needed) -120 pts

Battle sisters squad - 16, vet sis. w/ book, 2 storm bolters
-205 pts

Battle sisters squad - 16, vet sis. w/book, 2 melta guns
-215 pts

Zealots 20, 2 gren.launchers, 3 evisorator fanatics - 170 pts

Zealots 20, 2 gren.launchers, 3 evisorator fanatics - 170 pts

Seraphim - 7, vet sister w/ book p.weapon, 2 flamers
-193 pts

Exorcist - extra armour -140 pts

Exorcist - extra armour -140 pts

1500 pts
82 troops
2 tanks
5 faith

the one thing ive got to change is getting the storm bolters outta there and just leave em with standard bolt guns, the chopped down version of this squad has performed well with just a vss for upgrades so i might leave it at that for now and maybe spend the points toward some more fanatics with evisorators. I was toying with the idea of taking out the exorcists and inquisitor for perhaps Karamazov and sinking the remaining points into beefing up my other units...but i seem to be wanting for that ranged power.

as for tactics its pretty simple the seraphim and canonness race up the field using cover and pop up for some shooty/charging action, the sisters and zealots take up a kind of phalanx formation which has worked well in my last two games and slog it up the field while the callidus and exorcists take down anything thats really asking for it...oh yeah and the Inquisitor, well i suppose he will tool around making a neusance of himself (i dunno why by my SM player friend always seems to get scared of my =I= marching toward his tac. squads...)

suggestions welcome, All hail the emperor!!...and the bolter!!