Hi everyone. This is my first attempt for a list for quite a while, especially post 5th edition and our new errata. It started off as a water warrior list, but I've found in 5th edition that I end up with too few units in such a list to properly contend objectives etc. As a result, theres some sisters in this list.

Still, theres only one unit (the mini-purgation squad) who wont get transport, and I enjoy having one anchor unit anyway. Plus, more models!


Brother Captain with Psycannon and Targeter 92


6 Man GK Squad, Melta Bombs: 180

5 Man GK squad, two p-c : 205
Melta Bombs

10 Sisters : 152
Vet with Brazier
1 Heavy Flamer, 1 Flamer

10 Sisters :202
2 Meltas
Rhino, X amour and Smoke

Heavy Support

2 LR, smoke and armour 516

Dreadnought 148
Smoke and Armour
1495 Models: 32 men and 4 tanks
Which leaves me 5 points to play around with. One option would be drop the brazier of holy fire and pick up an incinerator in the 6 man squad. All and any suggestions welcome.