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    192 (x4)

    2000 pt Close combat guard list

    Jungle Fighters (replace reference with jungle to city or buildings)
    Iron Disciplined (Last Ditch Defense)
    Warrior Weapons
    Conscript Platoons
    Special Weapons Squad

    HSO ID, powerfist 128
    4 guardsmen, City Flag (company standard), 2 flamers,
    Heavy flamer, frag, Urban guerillas

    Mortar squad 92

    Mortar squad 92

    Special Weapons Squad 2 flamers, Demo charge 73

    Special Weapons Squad 2 flamers, Demo charge 73

    Sentinels x3 w/lascannons, HK missile 195

    Platoon A JO/HI, Power sword, melta bombs, ID 118
    4 guardsmen, 3 flamers, heavy flamer

    A-1: Vet sgt. flamer, heavy flamer, urban 117

    A-2: Vet sgt. flamer, heavy flamer, urban 117

    A-3: Mortar 90

    Militia Horde x50 w/5 flamers, 1 heavy flamer 360

    Fast Attack
    Hellhound w/dozer blade 120
    Hellhound w/dozer blade 120
    Hellhound w/dozer blade 120
    Total: 360
    Heavy Support
    Basilisk w/indy fire 125
    Basilisk w/indy fire 125

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    I assume your opponents will let you use all the jungle special rules for city?

    now, onto the list-

    With the HSO, you can do a couple of things to make him better-
    1. Take the PF off, its not worth its points.
    2. make the HSO a JO with a Honorific

    Now, you are seriously lacking anti-tank weaponry. add a plasma gun or melta (meltas actually work in cities) to a squad or 2.

    Take out 1 of the hellhounds and add another squad, you will need bodies, lots of bodies.

    Otherwise i like it
    For someone to deal as much damage as you did, the Emperor must surely be at your side. - MaxDv
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