I've recently decided to start back up with space marines again and have written up two lists which capture my interest in their play style and how they fight. But I'm not sure which one is best or which to go with. Even though both are similar I will explain them in two pieces.

Core army - 750pts

Dreadnought w/ Multi-melta + Missile Launcher + Drop Pod

Dreadnought w/ Multi-melta + Missile Launcher + Drop Pod

Tactical Squad - 10 w/ Plasma gun + Combi-plasma + Missile Launcher + Drop Pod

Tactical Squad - 10 w/ Plasma gun + Combi-plasma + Missile Launcher + Drop Pod

The core of the list revolves around two drop pod Dreadnoughts arriving before the tactical squads. And neutralizing any transports or fast mobile skimmers on the first turn. Since the issue I can see straight up is the tactical squads arriving then a mobile faster army just taking off since the drop pods will fulfil no further role.

Then the Tactical squads both arrive and split off into two 5man squads with the missile launcher in one and the two plasma in another. Also giving me 4 troop choices to then grab and hold objectives and with the drop pod hopefully also blocking some line of sight to the squads.
This is where I'm not sure which way I want to go from here the last 250 points can be spent in either this list.

List 1

Chaplain w/ Digital weapons + jump pack

Assault squad (5) w/ Powerfist

This gives me an assault element to the army that can also deep-strike if really required. This unit hits harder than I originally thought with the chaplain's re-roll of hits on the charge and his digital power weapon re-rolling wounds. He can quite effectively inflict wounds and open up enemy tin cans. Followed by re-rolling attacks from the rest of the assault squad and then re-rolling power-fist attacks this unit can hit quite hard.

List 2

Librarian w/ Epistolary + Terminator armour + storm shield

Dreadnought Multi-melta's both get upgraded to twin-linked lascannons

In this list the librarian adds psychic powers to the mix while joining one of the units in it's drop pod assault taking up the last two spots of the 12 because of terminator armour. While still being hard to shift with terminator armour and a storm shield. Also the Dreadnoughts are upgraded with lascannons meaning that in the first turn they arrived and fired into the rear of vehicles they would have a greater chance of performing and taking them out.

I would love to hear any opinion's you may have on this list and mostly which one you think would perform better.