Hey guys i'm thinking of getting into Space Marines (currently Chaos and Chaos space marine player not to mention FB...) anyways i like the idea of White scars and their the complete oposite of my current army (foot slogging Death guard army) so this is my current plan for them (i currently have no Space marines besides what i have left from my Battle of Black reach box (converted most into Chaos units) so kinda looking for a shopping list

Khan (205)

Tactical Squad (180 )
10 flamer/Missile
Seargent with chainsword + Storm bolter

Scout Squad (132 )
6 Scouts 1 Heavy bolter, 5 snipers
1 Seargen
Camo Cloak

Bike Squad (300 )
7 Bikers: 2 melta
Attack bike (multi Melta)
Seargent Power weapon.

Bike Squad (280 )
7 bikers 2 flamers
attack bike
Seargent Power weapon

Scout Bike Squad (250 )
9 bikers 3 grenade
Cluseter mines

Dreadnaught (150 )
Flamer, Multimelta
Drop Pod

total 1497

gave the 2 biker squads different "objectives" one is tank hunters (2 melta, 1 multimelta) other is troop destroyers (flamers and heavy bolter)

now my plan obviously changes with different deployment/objectives. but for capture/controll, gonna put the Tactical squad on my marker and put the scouts somewhere high where they can cause havoc (building perhaps) same with the scout bikers. and then outflank with the bike squads and deepstrike the dreadnaught beside their tanks

land grab, again place tactical squad on any objective in my deployment, put the scouts on another and then take the other 2 in the last turn with my biker squads.

kill points, proboly won't outflank and just shoot the hell out of my oponenets.