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    Tourney 1750 list

    I have been playing a while with this list and so far so good. I have a big 1750 Tourney in a couple of weeks and mostly see SM, CSM, and Orks.

    HQ: GM

    Elite: BC+ 4 Grey Knight Termies - 245pts (Go in LRC)

    Troops: PAGK Squad 9 Knights + Justicar - 275pts (Go in LRC with GM)

    Troops: PAGK Squad 5 Knights + Justicar +2 Psycannons (troop transport killer) 225pts

    Troops: PAGK Squad 4 Knights + Justicar +2 Psycannons (troop tansport killer) 200pts

    Heavy Support: Landraider Crusader x 2 Smoke 268pts each.

    Heavy Support: Dread, CCW, AC, Smoke and EA - 118pts.

    What think ye? Do I have enough troops?

    This list will to better against SM than Orks I think?

    "A love for tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril."
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    Yeah I would say you have enough troops. However, I would seriously think about swapping the Assault cannon on the Dread for a tl lascannon. Unless you've been getting away with the rending rule, your quite short of long range weaponry that might take out the tanks assembled against your LRCs. Perhaps drop a PC to pay for it, throw in some melta bombs while your at it?

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    Use the Gm with a retinue that way he can't be sniped in close combat.
    And then add a incinerator with those points degrading the brother captain.
    Consider using TH/SS combo for 3+ invulnerable and something that can deal with Dreadnoughts better.
    Put incinerators on the squad inside the LRC.

    Your GK's with pyscannons holding back on objective should have 6 wound total at least.
    I say that because DS unit with hard armour isn't gonnna go down easily without putting up a fight.
    Looks a bit top heavy but I like it. Don't let those meltaguns get the better of you.
    Oh and a little note: Your going to have so much fun with those LRC against orks. good times
    I might write like a ork but i fight like a poet.
    Some one tell me they have ever seen a nightbringer die from a Nemesis Force Weapon.

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