500/750 Points: Ordnance Heavy w/ Infantry - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    500/750 Points: Ordnance Heavy w/ Infantry


    My name's Kingside_Bishop, and I'm new both to Warhammer 40k, and these forums. But, I've been browsing around here for a little while, having chosen to enlist in the illustrious and indefeatable Imperial Guard, and have learned a lot from reading your posts. Thanks! That said, I would love nothing more than for you all to have a look at the army list I've prepared!

      Junior Command Squad.............65
        w/ Lascannon
      Infantry Platoon
        w/ Junior Command Squad........60
          w/ 2 Plasma Guns
        w/ Infantry Squad..............80
          w/ Heavy Bolter
          w/ Plasma Gun
        w/ Infantry Squad..............80
          w/ Heavy Bolter
          w/ Plasma Gun
      Stormtroopers x5.................70
        w/ 2 Meltaguns
        Deepstriking, if allowed
    Heavy Support
      Leman Russ......................145
        w/ Heavy Bolter
      Storm Troopers
      Drop Troops
    The biggest idea I had was that I absolutely wanted to field my Leman Russ. I just love the presence of the thing, especially in such a small army. With that in mind, I still wanted to find a way to field a decently sized army, infantry-wise... hence the infantry platoon, which is equipped with a fair number of heavy and special weapons, so that they're more than just warm bodies. To fill the other required troop slot, I used the Grenadiers regimental doctrine to field a small squad of storm troopers for a fraction of what it would cost to field a whole 'nother platoon, but would like still to be able to deep strike them (using the Drop Troops regimental doctrine) so that their meltaguns can still be an effective anti-vehicle weapon.

    So, I figure I'll be alright against any vehicular opposition I might come up against, between the Leman Russ, the lascannon, and the stormtroopers. Against armored infantry, I've got plenty of plasma guns (I think...), and against light infantry, I've got the lasguns and heavy bolters. The idea would be to set up a kill zone with the infantry (preferably in cover), and pursue the enemy with the tank (with some infantry support), hopefully into the infantry's firing zones.

    But, I have a few issues I'm considering. In addition to any general criticism of my army (which I'd love!), I'd really appreciate anything dealing with these topics, especially.
    1. Drop Troops + Grenadiers: If I combine these two doctrines, can I still deep strike Storm Troopers that I've chosen to take as Troop selections? I did a quick search on the forums, but couldn't find anything. If this doesn't work, I think I'd probably drop the meltas in favor of more plasma guns. Do you think this would be wise? Is deep striking even worth it, in this case?
    2. Leadership Difficulties: My biggest concern at this point is leadership: I chose to forgo the Honorifica Imperialis on my HQ for a lascannon for added anti-tank security. Do any of you think this was wise, or should I perhaps switch the lascannon and a plasma gun out for a higher leadership model, with a power weapon for the odd close-combat, and Iron Discipline to regroup broken units? And if I should trade out, do you think I should place the Honorifica on the HQ commander (who with a lascannon will be further from the line, but safer), or the Troop commander (who will, with a pair of plasma guns, be closer to the fighting)?
    3. The Leman Russ: Is it smart taking a Leman Russ in such a small force? As much as I love it, if it's tactically stupid, I'd totally drop it in favor of, like, a heavy weapons squad, plus a bunch of other stuff. Sentinals perhaps. Any ideas here?
    4. More Points: A local game shop of mine runs weekly 750 point team games. I'm definitely going to play in them, and I was thinking of fielding this army, plus two indirect fire equipped Basilisks, for extreme, long range hitting power. In that case, I'd hang the Russ back, hopefully to take out anything that closed within the 36" no-kill zone of the Basilisks, and that was taking cover to avoid their direct fire. But, that seems really, really heavy-handed, and I'm sure it wouldn't work out well. Is that a horrible strategy? What else might I do with another 250 points?
    Thanks for all of your help!

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    Welcome to the boards and into the folds of the untold billions of Guardsmen serving the Emperor.

    Your army list looks very solid, however for your first question if you take the Grenadiers doctrine you can not Deep Strike or infiltrate with Storm Troopers.

    If you take the Veterans doctrine, you can get up to 2 veteran squads and they can use Droop Troops to deepstrike, or infiltrate as normal. You get another special weapon over the stormtroopers however your armor save is 5+ instead of the Storm Trooper 4+.

    As for your HQ some people don't attach fire support squads to them some do, I for one always do howvever I usually pick Heavy Bolters as my choice since they are the cheapest and so far the best all round effective ones for dealing with varius types of infantry. Which helps me in most situations since I end up with the opposing infantry attempting to assault by HQ on a pretty frequent basis...however if you see yourself fighting any light armor/skimmer forces I'd say invest in a small squad of autocannons since they have multiple shots and typically are effective at dropping skimmers and large troops.

    I'd give one infantry squad an AT weapon, instead of the HQ having them.

    If you can squeeze in 3 points give the LRBT a smoke launcher and try to remember that you have it, I paint mine a bright red for this purpose. That way if you find yourself in the LOS of something nasty you can drive out of the way and pop smoke to get a nice 4+ invulnerable save until your next turn.

    Leadership: This is a frequently debated question...personally my army is led by a JO with the Honorifica, but he has hext to nothing else for wargear save a bolt pistol and a power weapon since his role is leadership net and assisting nearby squads with assaults if I think I can force a deciding factor and win them with four no save attacks at Ws4.

    My infantry platoon commander is a JO with a bolt pistol only. His role is assaulty fire support via 4 GL equipped guardsmen for versatility, I personally prefer to not use plasma guns despite my principal opponents being SM's I find that frag/krak nades are sufficient enough to kill them.

    4. I stick my mainline HQ with 3x heavy bolters or autocannons in the 'backfield' near my artillery, that way when deffkoptas or other flankers appear I can blast at them with the firesupport squad and the basilisks themselves. I keep my LRBT near the front (with the same armaments as yours, except I have a heavy stubber also) because It's best at removing large chunks of infantry or armored vehicles.

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    OK, Lets have a look-see!!

    I suggest going to 750pts first up, you get much more points to play with and you can then play with the army against your regular opponents.

    Firstly, a couple of ground rules.
    1. Lascannons are for Veteran squads, who actually have a decent chance of hitting their target. Guard's Quality IS Quantity, and this applies to everything from men to shots fired.
    2. If you take a Junior Officer in your command platoon, give him an Honourifica! It's all about Ld these days!!
    3. Iron discipline is a must. The ability to regroup under half strength is absolutely worth it for the 5pts you pay for it, as only troops now count as scoring units.
    4. ALWAYS take full 10 man squads. The only reason to take a 5 man squad is when you plan to deep strike a suicide Veteran squad with three meltas and a lascannon, to save on points. This is because you now that the squad WILL die within two turns.
    5. Plasma is not the be all and end all weapon. Think about the versatilaty of the Grenade Launcher, for example. Also, your heavy weapons can be different. Heavy Bolters are for hordes, Autocannons take down skimmers and light to medium armour, Missile launchers are the Grenade Launcher of the heavy weapons and the Lascannon is a dedicated Tank and Termie buster.
    6. Plan your doctrines. With cover saves a plenty, how about Cameleoline? Or do you prefer the 4+ armour save provided by Carapace armour?
    7. Re-read the Codex!!!!!! If in doubt, post here at LO. We'll Help!!!
    8. Read the Tactica 'Abusing Army Threat Management Threseholds'. This tactica should be read by every guard commander. Period.

    Righto, starting from the top down,

    I tend to make my command squads either very shooty or very close combat orientated. Flamers and power swords do well here, and so do 4 special weapons. 4 Grenade Launcher shots is nothing to laugh at, nor is a BBQ followed by a very angry Officer that negates armour saves.

    The infantry platoon is good. If you want plasma, keep it, but at this low points range, remember that things like Termies, Wraithlords and the like will be few and far between. Perhaps a change to the humble Grenade Launcher with its great Frag/Krak choice? Also, the command squad needs to follow the guidelines set in the paragraph above.

    Consider a Chimera to enable these guys to rapidly redeploy and take objectives. The meltas are a good choice for a drive-by pounding, and the Chimera will provide the lost heavy weapon that the grenadiers cannot take. Refer to the ground rules, and take a full sized squad. Also, keep them within range of your officer with Iron Discipline and they should hold their ground if charged.

    Ahh, you've managed to fit a Russ in a 500/750 point list. I congratulate you sir!! I assure you, almost no other army list will have a MBT (Main Battle Tank) in a similar list. They may have transports, but probably not a MBT. Coupled with your *Ahhem* Chimera, thats two vehicles that can make merry hell at little point cost, against little or no anti-tank opposition. Kaboom goes the enemy!!

    Now, with your remaining points *Minus Chimera, of course* Buy some sentinels. They have many puposes and uses, but I find that an Autocannon armed sentinel that outflanks and then shoots the crap out of weak enemy rear armour is well worth the 50 points. See my Signature for why. I do it almost every game I play. Frustrates my opponents to no end. Sentinels are also great fire magnets. If the enemy is shooting your 50 point sentinel, and not your Russ, well, you get the picture.

    That should deck you out for 750 points, with a good army list that can handle anything and everything form a horde to marines and eldar. I hope that I have helped!!!
    Father Mulcahy: Just as the Lord said to Noah, "Everything in pairs."
    Pierce Hawkeye: Of course the Lord was holding three aces at the time.

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