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    1500p fun Tourney

    First of all this is a three round tournament with 3 Fixed scenario's:
    First round: Bridgehead, Spearhead Deployment:
    4 objectives can be claimed for the win
    Second round: Foothold, Down of War Deployment (2 first turns nightfight):
    again 4 objectives but only the enemy placed ones are scoring. The one farther away (just in front of deployment) is worth 500 point the other 250. Victory points count as in the rulebook p.108
    Third round: Hold Ground, Pitched Battle Deployment:
    4 objectives, 2 in deployment zones (750p for the one in enemy zone) 2 elsewere (250p). Victory Points count.

    The tournement will see much Space Marine Armies, some Eldar and some IG.

    Now onto my list:

    Librarian with Avenger + Vortex of Doom 100p

    Dreadnought TL LC + ML, Extra Armour 160p
    Sterngaurd (5) 1 Combi-melta +1 Lightning Claw 145p
    2 Servitors 25p

    2x Tactical squad Flamer + ML with BP CC Sergeant 2x 170p
    1x Tactical Plasmagun + Plasmacannon 185p

    Assaut squad + Flamer + Plasma pistol + PF MB Serg 240p

    Predator TL LC + EA 120p
    Whirlwind 85p
    Thunderfire 100p

    Exact 1500 points.

    The Plan:
    Mostly shooting with Thunderfire and the two TLLC as main guns and the Techmarine can repair those with the help of 2 Servitors.
    The librarian joins the Sternguard to do some more short range shooting dammage.
    Meanwhile Flamer and PlasmaGun Combat Squads advance and support the Assault squad to assault enemy objectives.

    What do you think? Any Comments are welcome.

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