This list started off as an idea for the biggest, baddest Armored Company style list I could think of. First I started thinking in the vein of a WH armored Co. with Exorcists, a Russ, chimeras... etc.
then using a DH Inq. Lord for anti-Deep Strike.

then I thought about how great it would be to have a Demolisher to fire at units that DS in, so I played with that idea, and went to IG parent list. triple demolishers, and an Inq. Lord, with an Elite Inq. for anti-DS.

the list got to look something like this:

1x JO Command platoon with mortar (50pt)

2x 5grenadiers with 2grenade launchers (140pt)
(I'm thinking of ditching the GL's and getting bodies instead)

3x LR Demolishers with Hull HBolter, and PlasCannon Sponsons, extra armor (540pts)

1x Inq. Lord w/psycannon (202pts)
2x sages
2x mystics
2x HBolter servitor
1x plasCannon Servitor
1x Land Raider Transport (250pts)

1x Elite Inq. w/psycannon (68pts)
1x Land Raider transport (250pts)

Grand total of 1500pts

I had considered dropping some of the =I= Lord retinue to get perhaps a mortar team.

the concept would be for the LR's to take flanks, with the Inq. squads behind the Demolishers in the center. The Grenadiers would have to mount up in the LR's. the Command squad with the mortar would go behind the center Demolisher. overall, it would probably be a mostly defensive force, it might have problems with hordes.

I think it scales up from 1500pts nice, adding in DeepStriking or flanking platoons.